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Recently closed my house and I have to say...Pumehana and her team was absolutely amazing. Pumehana is with the Farris Team (owner Travis Farris). Travis was who I contacted after receiving a newcomers briefing at my workplace. If you are military or a veteran, do not hesitate to give them a call! With Travis' oversight, Pumehana was the agent who did all the footwork. Their processes from finding a home to sorting homes based on your need to actually putting in an offer--it is all streamlined to today's standards!  Pumehana is down to earth and will explain everything, every step of the way! Although you may think that her experience is not that long, you will be surprised at her competency and if for any reason, she does not know the answer to something she will find the answer for you. The team is no joke, they support her and they sell like 100 homes a year so they are experts! Pumehana also had to deal with me switching my mind on an offer and couple little things here and there throughout the deal. She put up with a lot of dumb questions that is only natural for a first time home buyer. She showed me I think way more than 10 properties, maybe close to 15? before I made my decision. She is patient and conforms to your needs without adding any sort of pressure. I feel like I was very lucky to have worked with Pumehana and her team and also was very lucky to find a place totally suitable for me at a great price!   In the end, everyone was satisfied, I'm sure the sellers appreciate the smooth process as well.If you're in the market, let them help you out to be the lucky one as well :)Sold!
Buck Yoon